2003 BMW 325i

Date Mileage Type Description Performed by
6/11/2008 88844 Maintenance Engine Oil M&R GoodYear
6/12/2008 88844 Maintenance Techron Fuel System Cleaner myself
6/14/2008 89000 Maintenance Replaced Batttery
P/N [Duralast 49-DL]
6/18/2008 89055 Maintenance Replaced Air Filter
P/N [13-72-1-744-869]
6/20/2008 89100 Maintenance Replaced Cabin Micro Filter
P/N [64-31-9-071-935]
6/22/2008 n/a Repair Replaced Front Passenger Turn Signal Light Bulb
P/N [Sylvania Long Life Bulb 1156LL]
6/25/2008 89312 Repair Replaced Passenger Front Window Regulator
P/N [51-33-7-020-660]
7/5/2008 89500 Maintenance Replaced Spark Plugs
Mike’s Auto
10/17/2008 93600 Maintenance Engine Oil Mike’s Auto
10/17/2008 93600 Maintenance Preventative Maintenance
Replaced Water Pump, Thermostat, and Upper & Lower Radiator Hoses
Mike’s Auto
5/8/2009 94700 Repair Replaced Expansion Tank, Tank Cap, Thermostat on Radiator, and Coolant Level Sensor Mike’s Auto
6/20/2009 n/a Maintenance Replaced Wiper Inserts myself
6/27/2009 n/a Repair Replaced Driver Break Light Bulb myself
10/10/2009 96612 Maintenance Engine Oil Mike’s Auto

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